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HIWIN news for Taiwan Excellence Award
Asia's Power Businesswomen 2015
Hiwin Technologies Saw March Revenue Surge 90% on Year
Taiwan Ranks Among World`s Top-3 Supplier of Machine-tool Parts
Hiwin Doubles Sales to NT$12 Billion in 2010
Hiwin, Tongtai See EPS Hit Historic High in First 3 Quarters
Hiwin`s Consolidated Sales May Top NT$20 B. in 2011
Piano player bot tickles the ivories in Taiwan
Inaugural TMTS 2010 in Taichung
Taiwan`s Major Machinery Firms Score Record High Sales in May
18th Taiwan Excellence Award Sees More Entries From Outside ITC Sector
Hiwin Technologies to Challenge US$314.46 M in 2010 Sales
Taiwan`s Machine-tool Firms Post January Sales Growths
Hiwin Enjoys Substantial Growth in Q1 Sales
Hiwin Technologies in Taiwan to Recruit 1,000 Workers
Hiwin Technologies Acquires Mega-F to Boost Robotic Output
NTU shows outstanding performance in 2009 National Robotics Contest
Hiwin Technologies to Be Listed on TWSE on June 26
Okuma of Japan Plans to Buy Machine Tools in Taiwan in 2009
Ranking 100 Legal Notice certification of 2007

Asia's Power Businesswomen 2015

Enid Huey-Chin Tsai 


Tsai was working as secretary to entrepreneur Yung-Tsai Chuo in the 1980s when he founded machine-tool maker Hiwin. Though an avid learner, Tsai struggled to fit into the male-dominated industry, but with Chuo’s encouragement she became a creative marketer. Many of her sales ideas were hits, including several miniature gadgets for trade shows to demonstrate the speed and precision of Hiwin components. Hiwin has grown to become the world’s second-largest supplier of motion control components—a key part of automation equipment, machine tools and robots—with 4,000 employees and $487 million in 2014 revenue. Tsai, who has a 1.6% stake, was made president in 2008. She chairs a group called Elegant Leaders in the Machinery Industry, which promotes women in the sector.

Taken from: Forbes 3/3/2015