Hygiene System

Bathing System MHS-B100

Bathing Lifter MLT-H100

MHW Medical Device Manufacturing No. 005651

MHW Medical Device Manufacturing No. 006509


The "Bath Assistive Equipment" is a medical bathtub that stirs water to reduce pain and itch by hydrotherapy. This hygiene system can also be used to clean patients. The integrated lift makes it easier for health care providers to clean paralyzed patients. The bathtub lift can be adjusted according to the operators height to reduce occupational injury during the cleaning process.

Mobile hygiene system

The bathing system provide a more comfortablehydrotherapy environment in hospitals, hospice centersor nursing homes. Its hydrotherapy function offersskin cleansing, muscle relaxation, boosting bloodcirculation and pain relief for patients. The heightadjustablebathtub helps caregivers to prevent workrelated injury.

Safe bathing management

Temperature monitoring : The water temperature canbe set and controlled. Water flow will shut down whenthe temperature reaches 49°C.

Water level control : The water pouring will stopautomatically when it reaches the peak water level.The whirlpool function will be shut down in low waterlevel.

Whirlpool function

The bathtub has six whirlpool jets and providesmassage for feet, thighs and calf muscles to facilitateblood circulation and relieve discomfort caused byimmobilization.

Cleaning and disinfectant system

The equipment has two disinfectant systems toprevent cross infection. The panel will show signals ofinsufficient disinfectant.

Battery and controller

A rechargeable battery is used for the lifter. It willshow signals for insufficient power supply. There isan emergency stop button on controller to ensurepatient's safety.

Adjustable back recline

Both side of the beds can be adjusted from 0 -65°to meet patients’ condition. The lifter provides an easyaccess to transferring patients.

Patient safety

There are side rails, handles and safety belts to assuresafety during transfer. The four casters can be lockedby a brake at the same time.


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