HIWIN Ballscrews Cool Type


Optimized design for high reliability: Use of computer simulation and FEM analysis, the cool type ballscrew features well thermal protection and high reliability. Promote higher speed rotation and extra high Dm-N value (up to 200,000): Cool type ballscrew will eliminate high-speed rotation aftereffect, i. e., thermal problem, and promote higher speed rotation. Prevent thermal distortion: Optimized heat transfer design to minimize heat generation and prevent thermal distortion. Strengthen durability: When operating repeatedly, friction between balls cause heat generation. That may be made balls oxidized or decarburized, and shortened the service life. Cool type ballscrew will strengthen durability under a cooling environment. Extended lubricant life cycle: When using lubrication, minimum heat generation further inhibits deterioration in the quality of lubrication and extends the lubricant life cycle. Keep temperature uniform and reduce warm-up time: When high-speed operation, nut and shaft cooling effect indeed keep feed-system temperature constant and reduce warm-up time. Higher feeding accuracy: Cooling effect of cool type ballscrew will stabilize against thermal expansion and equalize feeding accuracy.

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