HIWIN RG series - High rigidity Roller Type Linear Guideway

上銀科技 HIWIN RG series - High rigidity Roller Type Linear Guideway

RG series features a roller as the rolling element instead of steel balls.

The roller series offers super high rigidity and very high load capacities. RG series is designed with a 45-degree angle of Contact. Elastic deformation of the linear contact surface, during load, is greatly reduced thereby offering greater rigidity and higher load capacities in all 4 load directions. RG series has the high performance that provides high-precision manufacturing and achieves longer service life.


Automation Device
Transportation equipment
CNC machining centers
Heavy duty cutting machines
CNC grinding machines
Injection molding machines
Electric Discharge Machines
Plano millers
Devices requiring high rigidity and high load capacity

  • Block Types
    • H(Square), L(Square Low Type), W(Flange Type)


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